Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Heart - Impression of Bayu Noer Rachman Caught 150kgs Marlin

Here we show a short impression Bayu Noer Rachman fight with the marlin 150 kgs in Aceh waters using rod with 300 meters PE4 line. 
Before departure to Aceh less healthy body. Flu and fever. So actually I feel when left to it a little less comfortable. Wanted a break in Jakarta alone. But as already promised by Mas Rudi et al (Rudi Hadikesuma) one month earlier then I still decided the way to the province accompanied by Gilang Gumilang, one cameraman Fishing Mania Trans 7. My friends thought I was going to choose Valentine's in Jakarta because of the departure to Aceh this two days before Valentine's Day, but for my Valentine or not the same.
This is my first time to Aceh. When he reached the Iboih, Pulau Weh my casual impression. And usually if you go to my new place is always excited. Probably because my body the time it gets dropped. I began to enjoy the beauty of Pulau Weh when we had started fishing. Although my body is still sore but I began to feel the comfort. Very clean sea. The fish just to look from a ship. When then arrived on the island of Rondo I became a passion for popping. The place is truly amazing. Especially this time the wind and waves are also very nice it would immediately forget the pain and come popping.
The results of our first four days of incredible popping and jigging. GT, rock snapper, Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, and so forth. And size is also very impressive. From the grandparents (size monsters) to his grandchildren (small size). It turned out that the potential of fish in the waters around Pulau Weh steady! I do not think at all it turns out like this incredible Aceh. I think only the eastern part of Indonesia that have a monster fish.
Day 5, the last day trip, I was not thinking about fish, let alone thinking about manly fish like marlin. I actually prefer to better enjoy the atmosphere of Weh island waters as this is the last day here. But I believe, what is never seen by the eye and what was never heard by the ears and that never arise in the heart of man: all provided by God for those who love Him.
Trip fifth day we all agreed jigging. I immediately ngejig in the back of the boat, suddenly there was a fish that jumped about 15 feet in front of me, suddenly pulled the rod like a fish but not in the pull down but sideways until the 300-meter rope PE4 is almost gone. I still know if that marlin until finally Mas Rudi shouted "marlin-marlin!". I still believe though Mas Rudi had to shout, just once after his marlin fish dancing absurdly excited my heart. Yesss! Marlin! Wooow! I like new feeling to a new car! Hehehe ...
Frankly I'm confused again describe my feelings when it fights with marlin fish. Happy, worried, and tired of mixed into one. The first hour alone I've felt nyut waist nyut ... nyut .. .. Joran had time I shift gears to Sir Apocalypse because dreadlocks and my pants sag. Entering the two-hour waist really want to break. Moreover, marlin fish had several times stomping down that makes it fall. Marlin was remarkable resistance. Mas Rudi also had teased me with "Want to try mas?" When in fact my fishing gear shift gears to him because I was very, very tired. Hehehe. Mas Rudi briefly held the rod and returned to me. I continue the fight while dipijitin Pak Wahyu, awful would happen. Surprisingly after the fish got into the boat were all tired and sore on the body immediately destroyed, which was like going waist fracture was fully recovered. A happy heart drug was very effective!
I know that the demise of marlin fish this could be the hot discussion in Jakarta later. But frankly, the pros more than the cons. Not arrogant yes, but it is reality. Try to counter those who were on board with us, they would know why the fish can not be released. It was my first marlin, I feel I have the right to decide. To my knowledge FORMATION tournament rules also say that to fish marlin over 100 kg also be appointed.
I agree completely with the Catch and Release, and it feels I do not need to talk at length. People know me how. I want to give the picture a bit. We (Fishing Mania Trans 7) was fishing with the kids who ngefans with program Fishing Mania Trans 7 and also very ngefans same Dudit Mas Widodo. After the kids can fish, they immediately say "Om, the fish was released, yes?", But this time we were fishing in the fishing kilogram. This is clear evidence that the program Fishing Mania Trans 7 was successfully embed a culture of catch and Release in order to maintain fish populations and sustainable. I can understand there is a counter with a dead marlin, but suppose they are also equally on board with us, they'll know why the fish were not released.
To be sure, no one can match the sensation strike marlin because these fish conquer really need toughness, patience, technique, and of course good teamwork. I feel very lucky to get a marlin in Aceh. Wonderful memories for me. Moreover, I am fishing with a great team and very solid. Seemed impatient to get fishing with this team again. Greetings strike for the whole team insistent insistently!

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